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i posted it to tweet when I got done there names yes as what they did was wrong and I know folk like them live in fear they live I fear if putting away the wrong G or the wrong one and some comeuppance and I kept posting it to loads people they were trying to delete the followers whilst they had my iPad in Police station it was funny they deserved it unto know what they did is vile dirty pimps you err the wrong ins not me country has to be in a sad state to go fo r a fucking pristitute s dough u filthy fucking animals your sick each every one of u a too much bloodclat duttyness dem my mum she just looked fat and weak powerless she could see at time the cop Aw she was is it what’s it shrwed she sounded like Hussain she goes dead common take some money for taxi she meant home from cop shop mum never come no she never even fucking rang just me on my jack in the fuvking cell and when people say im

evil I have take care of me

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