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was no plea bargain he said u can’t do community service because your antidepressant he saud u can’t do much so a suspended service and a disgrace jewellery yuk  was over ages ago otherwise if I’d had money a fine maybe like Sandra Hankins no she got fine and suspended init but to be fair she got fined what I had in bank she was so much more richer than me she’d coined it no she’s older than me init she got her first brothel 44 she’s 50 odd init after all that I took cocaine never thought I would but I did and didn’t give a fuck enuff said

High class escorts in Manchester

Escorts Manchester

Manchester esc cort girls are like the place itself. All about fun, spirit and sexiness. The best Manchester escorts obviously look good and are really sexy. But if a woman wants to escort Manchester clients for us she needs more than that. We want to work with the best escorts Manchester can offer. And that means more than just sex appeal. Although that goes a long way!

Escort Manchester

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