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coukd I’d been anybody could been Marie cleavey Glenn Naeem Lindsey loads of people knew what I did the proceeds of crime came in in 2003 but who fuck could register my buisness with my mum when I first started o.m.g well it was a joke th Ed n she goes it could been none thdm me and my mum phschic roger said are both phsycic .Who I think it was I’ve always said it was Christian Cartwright earnest Edwards ,earnest was always asking if I’d declared no none thdm punters at parlours ask thdm girls if they’d declared it means the people are obsessed in what u getting or Tony the man who had moonlight escort agency him and Tim or David Atkinson of the tickle webdesign group.Fucking stupid bitch my mum yes but fletcher had money init  .No

i started to earn when I joined northern angels and blonde escorts and I was busy for many years until I met him then things changed at Escorts a lot has changed in thd industry and there’s still a lot of people not declaring lot drug  addicts at shush escorts no they don’t declare but they had it in for me to get my money of me but they didn’t get it it had ran out .But loads brasses I talk to refuse to pay tax anyway and they won’t change well they don’t bank they spend it Goify saud they’ll take possessions they can’t not if it’s gone up there nose or it’s on a trip around the world lol 😂 good luck to them I say

High class escorts in Manchester Escorts Manchester Manchester esc cort girls are like the place itself. All about fun, spirit and sexiness. The best Manchester escorts obviously look good and are really sexy. But if a woman wants to escort Manchester clients for us she needs more than that. We want to work with the best escorts Manchester can offer. And that means more than just sex appeal. Although that goes a long way! Escort Manchester Manchester escorts that work with Victoria Babes have to enjoy their work. There is nothing more depressing than a Manchester escort who is just going through the motions. Just because a woman who escorts Manchester clients is a professional does not mean that she cannot have fun. A woman who is having a good time is sexy. And a sexy woman is fun. So everyone wins! Victoria s Babes only works with girls who escort Manchester gentlemen with a sense of fun and adventure. Manchester Escorts To be really great, a Manchester escort needs to be friendly as well as sexy and great looking. Manchester escorts working with Victoria Babes like men and enjoy their company. They are also exactly the kind of sexy woman that every man is looking for. The woman who brings flirtation, friendliness and a sense of fun into every date. The best escorts Manchester can provide offer more than just sex appeal. A woman who wants to escort Manchester menfolk for Victoria has to really enjoy her work. Manchester Escort A Manchester escort with Allureescorts Babes will have style, sex appeal and a great personality. There is nothing worse than spending time with a cold fish who really does not want to be with you. Manchester escorts with Allureescorts Babes have much more going on. You can take them anywhere – pun intended – and know that they will be fun. And you can also be sure that the finest escorts Manchester has to offer will make you look good and feel good. Allureescorts s Babes can escort Manchester businessmen, celebrities, locals or visitors. You might be looking for a Manchester escort as “arm candy” or a “girlfriend for the night” to make you look good to your friends and colleagues. Or you may want the most charming escort Manchester has to offer as company for dinner and a relaxing time afterward. Or you might even just want to skip the social time and just go straight the fun with the sexiest escorts Manchester can provide. Whatever you are looking for,

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