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mum init that told ghazanfgar Ali to block me she goes just block her just block her she meant me plus she call me on phone to him I think she fancy him as she fancy’s Pavarotti and he looks like Pavarotti lol 😂 well she didn’t know I listen in other end of phone init .I just told him to move to cunts street man had no money for brothel just wanted a free fuck after what all the cab drivers told him at Gemini and bluebell they all look like ali s anyway and I recognise some them from years ago and they treated me really nice chose me I don’t give a fuck what he says I got my washing machine when we try keep our head above water at least I never smelt nice one mother 😂 s we’djen u work and u say to a client look at your big cock that’s hardly swearing when u say to a client fuckoff get out that’s swearing cheeky cunt should of saud no dirty talk me does nothing for me fat fucking idiot who fuck he think he is vile scum dem thrm he saud his car from police auction it get stopped I said it should come up in there radar it’s if the said no the cop try accuse him of rob the bank ashleigh goes he’s a fucking dickhead yeah I know that love I know that .When from that auction cop will change ownership they just p&c the Reg does he think I’m born yesterday

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